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WHY CHOOSE Malka Law Office?

Malka & Co. Law Office, We were a civil office with a reputation that takes care to adapt itself to the client’s needs and thus effectively manages the law firm to base its construction on personal, dedicated and professional work.

Malka & Co. has a wide range of clients from all over the country, from the Golan Heights to Eilat, and thus represents the law firm and its clients in all the legal instances: the Magistrate’s Court, the District Court and the Supreme Court.

Since the law firm has clients from all over the country, the firm provides services in civil-commercial law without reference to a single geographical area, and in practice the lawyers appear before the courts all over the country.

As our experience proves, mindly speaking, dealing with the execution office proceedings can be stressful and confusing.

For this reason we provide professional legal services with the execution office procedures to our clients, both creditors and
debtors. We also make sure to consider special needs of every single client.

Personal bankruptcy is a legal procedure for those who lost hope to pay off their debts.

Quite recently the personal bankruptcy motion was unorganized with relatively expensive court fees.

Before it might take years from filing the bankruptcy motion and getting absolved of the debt.

The concept of National Insurance of Israel is similar to Social Security in the United States or National Insurance in the United Kingdom.

According to the law, all residents of Israel should be covered with National Insurance and are therefore obligated to pay insurance contributions.

We are a team of leading and experienced lawyers in Israel, providing you a great variety of services, including banking law assistance.

Our professionals have solid experience in a great variety of cases, with a high percent success rate.

We guarantee your security and legal protection.

Family law covers a very wide range of issues relating to family matters and domestic relations.
The family law subject usually covers the following issues: Marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships and others.

In most of the countries the divorce process is in the hands of the Family Court.

But in Israel there are two parallel courts that have the authority to judge issues related to divorce between a couple. The Rabbinical Court and the Family Court.

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Our experience and knowledge will lead you to legal success

Our extensive experience in the various legal fields dealt with by our offices, such as Execution, Bankruptcy, National Insurance, the Ministry of Defense, Torts, etc.

Proved to us beyond a reasonable doubt that one of the most serious mistakes any person can make is to deal with his claim without the representation of an expert lawyer.

We will elaborate and say that without extensive legal knowledge in the relevant legal field, in addition to practical experience in representation before the courts and even with medical committees or banks, will lead to minimizing the success of the case in question and even to total failure.

Because of this, we at Malka & Co. Law Offices allow you to receive a first legal consultation meeting with no obligation!

Contact our Lawyers today and receive accurate and professional legal information that will help you examine the legal possibilities available to you in any legal matter.

What is the difference between us and other law firms?

  • Office All Around Israel – Advocates specializing in offices in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Tiberias and Afula.

  • Human legal service – Legal advice is not only knowledge, it is also humane.
  • Areas of expertises – Execution, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Family Law, Banks, etc.

We recommend that you contact us if you are interested in the services of a professional and reliable lawyer with many legal successes in the legal system in the State of Israel.

Our office believes that every citizen of the State of Israel is entitled to professional advice from a highly experienced lawyer.

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